Around Sagrada Família: Exploring the Surrounding Neighborhood

The towering spires of the Sagrada Família often cast a metaphorical shadow over the treasures that lie in its vicinity. But beyond Gaudí’s iconic masterpiece, the surrounding neighborhood, known as L’Eixample, beckons with its modernist architecture, culinary delights, and cozy corners. For the discerning traveler looking to unravel Barcelona beyond its most famous landmark, this guide to the neighborhood around Sagrada Família is a golden ticket.

  1. Architectural Wonders
    • Casa de les Punxes: A mere 15-minute walk from the basilica, this modernist building with its pointed towers stands out. Designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, it’s a visual treat both inside and out.
    • Hospital de Sant Pau: This UNESCO World Heritage site, blending Art Nouveau and Gothic styles, was once a functioning hospital. Today, it offers guided tours showcasing its intricate designs and lush gardens.
  1. Gastronomic Delights
    • El Tastet de l’Artur: This local eatery offers traditional Catalan dishes. It’s perfect for those seeking a slice of authentic Barcelona.
    • La Paradeta Sagrada Família: A unique seafood dining experience where you choose your seafood fresh from the counter, and it’s cooked to order.
    • Chök – The Chocolate Kitchen: A haven for sweet-toothed visitors, this spot offers everything chocolate, from truffles to doughnuts, in an artsy setting.
  1. Green Spaces
    • Plaça de Gaudí: Overlooking the Sagrada Família, this urban park is an ideal spot to relax, with a pond, benches, and a direct view of the basilica. A perfect place for those Instagram-worthy shots!
    • Jardins de la Industria: These historical gardens, once the site of a textile factory, are now a peaceful retreat with playgrounds, sculptures, and shaded pathways.
  1. Hidden Gems
    • Mercat de la Sagrada Família: This local market offers a vibrant display of fresh produce, meats, and cheeses. It’s a sensory treat and a glimpse into the everyday life of Barcelonians.
    • Gaudí Experiència: Just a stone’s throw away from the basilica, this interactive space offers a 4D experience, taking you on a virtual journey of Gaudí’s architectural wonders.
  1. Shops and Boutiques
    • Souvenirs Gaudí & Modernisme: For unique mementos inspired by Gaudí’s designs, from ceramics to textiles, this shop is a must-visit.
    • La Botiga: Located right next to the basilica, it’s a one-stop shop for Sagrada Família-themed souvenirs.